Staying Fit During the Holidays, this trick!

Staying Fit During the Holidays

Christmas and New Year should be a time of celebration with loved ones to share the joy. But the holidays can also be a challenge for physical and emotional health.

Here are 8 tips from Leana Wen, MD, Harvard Medical School, in order to remain healthy and happy during the holiday home, as quoted by the Huffington Post, Wednesday (26/12/2012):

1. Eating well

Generally, people can add weight 2-4 kilograms (kg) during the holiday season. But there is a way by eating a healthy and well. Identify each food high calorie content and low in nutrients.

Eat smaller meals rather than eating large portions at a buffet. Choose a healthy home-cooked meals, and when visiting other people, bring a healthy dish to share.

Be careful with calorie beverages, including alcoholic beverages.

2. Stay active

Exercise is as important as any other day during the holidays. You must be active at least four to five times a week. Should do some aerobic exercise every day. Ask your loved ones to join you in order to have quality time.

3. Preventing disease and injury

Colds and the flu most prevalent during the winter. Prevent to wash your hands regularly and ask others to do the same. Warm the body with clothing layers. Pay attention, parents are usually at high risk of falls and injuries in the winter.

4. Check the heating system

Make sure your heater work safely. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Install carbon monoxide detectors and test them once a month. Keep grills and generators outside the home, and not turning your car for long periods of time in the garage.

Most house fires occur in winter, never leave fireplaces, stoves and candles unattended.

5. Travel safe

Would you like to walk around during the holidays. Give you extra time on the road during the holidays. Do not drink alcoholic beverages while driving. Note the extreme weather report and heed warnings.

If you travel away from home, make sure to pack up and take your medicine. Write down the contact numbers in case your doctor when you are experiencing a medical problem and know where the nearest ER.

6. Stress

Holidays can be a stressful time. You may continue to work and feel stress manage work along with time for family. You may feel stressed by financial reward or interpersonal conflict.

Try to anticipate sources of stress and develop a plan to manage it. This may involve a commitment to gather-together or a tightening budget.

7. Helping others

Depression and suicides increase during the holidays. Watch for signs of depression among friends and family. Provide support to people in need. Invite colleagues or friends who vacation in order to spend time alone with him.

8. Treat yourself

Holiday spirit is all about helping others around you. But you have to give it time to take care of themselves.

Treat yourself well during the holidays. It may be something as simple as sleeping. Woke up late and enjoy the vacation days to rest you need.

You can also read a book that had long you want from the first, or do manicures and massages? Take time to make yourself happier.


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