Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone reports Limited Edition

Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleano

LONDON - Britain Vespa division which is under the Piaggio Italian manufacturer, has recently announced the latest edition GTV Via Montenapoleano named. By Vespa, scooter is produced in limited.

Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleano is a new model with the power of 300cc liquid-cooled, the injection system.

Like all previous models Vespa Vespa GTV via Motenapoleano Limited edition overall bodynya also made of steel. In terms of design, this new Vespa has 50 designs inspired by the latest model in the stirrup and rear lights and a split seat.

Other features that complement the latest Vespa is located in the fuel tank that can hold 9 liters of fuel, alarm, key chain, and cover the vehicle as well as ample storage space inside to be able to store a helmet.

GTV Via Montenapoleano is also the latest version of the Vespa 300cc class that will dominate the class, special and exclusive version of the elegant and inspired by the world of art, design and fashion.

Via Montenapoleano name itself is taken from the name of the luxury shopping district and exclusive in Milan, Italy. Montenapoleano released at a price of 4499 Euro.

Vespa GTV via Montenapoleano is a limited edition, so if you want to have this new vespa you have to be quick to book this vespa vespa dealers in particular.


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