Four Mistakes Often Do Traveler

Be careful with the common mistakes made travelers

Traveling is no longer a difficult thing to do. Unfortunately this makes people reckless in traveling, trying to plan a trip in a short time and forget a lot of important things that are essential. What kind are they?

Check out his review below, as quoted by CNN:

Staying at the hotel is too far away

This is the mistake most often experienced by tourists. In the rush and book via the internet, they sometimes do not pay attention to where the location of the hotel. Apparently when it came, her hotel away from the airport or tourist spots as well as the city center, thus requiring extra transportation costs.

Trying to visit all the places in a short time

It's not all travelers have a long time for a vacation, so try to tamp tourism activities within one day. And when doing this, you can not really enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of a place. Be realistic and careful consideration when compiling a list of travel so it does not need to happen.

Forget a change of time zone

This often occurs when you travel to distant places with different time zones. In fact it should be, before reaching the place you have to build up my body to be ready with the changes of time, to avoid the stricken jet-lag.

Being too spontaneous

Sometimes being spontaneous when traveling is good, but not in all cases. For example, do not have a plan going where after arriving at the airport. If not previously arranged neatly, you will end up paying a lot of money for transportation and lodging should be booked long ago.


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